How does the countdown timer work?

The countdown timer is one of Attrac’s powerful features, it includes advanced options. Attrac offers 3 types of countdown timers:

1. Countdown to a specific time/date:
This is the most popular and easiest countdown timer to set up. Just select a date and time from the calendar, and the timer will countdown to that specific date and time. For example, you want to announce a Black Friday offer that will end at midnight. So you set up the countdown a few days before Black Friday and you select the end date and time on Friday at midnight, the countdown timer will do the math and start the countdown once you activate the bar/banner.

2. Duration countdown timer:
This type allows you to set up a countdown timer for a duration without being related to a specific time and date. The duration countdown starts once the bar/banner is activated. This type includes the option to auto-repeat the countdown timer after the end of the countdown period. Another useful option for this type is the ability to show a separate countdown timer for each new visitor (browser session).

3. Countdown timer that runs daily for a specific period:
This type is suitable if you want to show a countdown timer for a specific period every day. For example, you offer a discount every day from 10:00 PM till midnight, this type would be suitable in this case. If you combine this option with the scheduling features you can choose which days of the week to show the bar/banner on. In our previous example, you can show the offer on weekdays only.

How does the countdown timer work with scheduling?

The scheduling feature control when to activate, show or hide the bar/banner. Here are two cases in which the scheduling feature may affect your countdown timers:

1- For the duration countdown timer, the countdown will start once the scheduled bar/banner is activated. For example, you schedule the bar/banner to show on a specific date at 10:00 AM, then the duration countdown will start at 10:00 AM

2- For countdown timers that run daily, the scheduling feature offers the option to show it on specific days instead of showing it daily.

Note: The option of showing the bar/banner on specific days and times in the scheduling feature, does not affect the countdown timer in any way, it only controls showing or hiding the bar/banner itself.

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