How can I use Weglot to translate my campaigns?

If you're using Weglot to translate your website and you want to translate your Attrac campaigns, you can do this directly through Weglot if you haven't set up a specific URL for each language (subfolders or subdomains). To do so, you'll need to add Attrac campaigns as a dynamic element in your Weglot app settings. Please refer to the instructions in this article to learn how to accomplish this:

Alternatively, if you configure Weglot to use a separate subfolder or subdomain for each language, you can translate your campaigns by creating a new campaign for each language on Attrac. Then, through our targeting feature, you can display each campaign only on its corresponding language-specific URL.

Follow the steps below to translate your campaigns with Attrac:

1- Create a separate campaign for each language: For example, if your campaign is in English and you want to add Spanish, simply create a new campaign for the Spanish language.

2- Set the targeting for each language campaign: To display the Spanish campaign, set the campaign targeting settings to only show on the subfolder "/es" or the subdomain "", depending on how you've configured your language-specific URL with a subfolder or subdomain. Repeat this process as necessary for other languages.

3- Set targeting for the default language campaign: If English is the default language, adjust the campaign targeting settings to exclude other language subfolders or subdomains.

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