How to send an automated welcome email to new subscribers

Welcome emails are automated messages sent to customers when they purchase, create an account, or sign up for an email list.

To automatically send a welcome email after someone signs up through an Attract popup campaign, there are two possible ways to do this.

Send welcome emails using an email marketing app

If you use an email marketing app such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo you can accomplish this within the app. The basic idea is to create a workflow where the customer signup serves as the trigger.

Here are articles with step-by-step instructions for the most popular email marketing apps:

Send welcome emails through Shopify

If you don't use a third-party email marketing app, you can still send welcome emails automatically in Shopify using Shopify's Marketing Automations and the Shopify Email app.

First, if you haven't installed the Shopify Email app, go ahead and install it from the Shopify App Store. Then, set up a welcome email template in the Shopify Email app.

Next, you can set up a workflow on Shopify to automatically send the welcome email through the Shopify Email app. To do this, navigate to Shopify Marketing > Automations in the left-side menu of the Shopify admin. From there, create a new custom automation by selecting a new blank workflow.

Shopify Marketing Automations

For each workflow, there are three important parts that you need to set up:

1- Trigger:

In our case, select Shopify trigger > Customer created.

Set workflow trigger

2- Condition:

This condition is set to send welcome emails only to customers who subscribed through an Attrac campaign. When a new contact is added to Attrac, by default, Attrac creates a new customer on Shopify with the signup information and adds an 'Attrac' tag to identify the customer's source on Shopify.

To set this condition, simply click 'Add criteria' > 'Customer' > 'Tags'. Then, set the 'Tags_item' to include 'Attrac'.

Set workflow condition

3- Action:

If the condition mentioned above is met and a new customer is created in Shopify, you need to set the action to send a welcome email. Simply select the action 'Email' under the installed app actions.

Set workflow action

Finally, save and enable the workflow. To test the new workflow, make sure to use a valid email address that has not been used before, as this workflow will only trigger if a new customer is created on Shopify.

Send welcome email Shopify workflow

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