Recommended image specs for popups

Attrac supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF image files. PNG files are generally recommended for displaying images that contain text and graphics across devices. On the other hand, JPEG files are more suitable for photographs due to their smaller file size and faster loading time. It is recommended to use PNG instead of GIF. PNG is a newer format that supports a wider range of colors. Attract popups do not support animated GIFs.

The maximum image file size supported by Attrac is 1MB. However, it is advisable to use smaller image sizes as larger images can result in slower loading times for your site.

When using images, ensure that their width or height does not exceed 1024px, as Attrac automatically reduces the dimensions of uploaded images to a maximum of 1024px. It is also recommended to use a resolution of 72dpi for images.

Below are the recommended dimensions for different popup image settings:

Popup image layout Image dimensions (W x H)
Side image (left or right) 684 X 1024px
Top image 1024 X 294px
Background image 1024 X 658px

Please note that the recommended dimensions are based on the medium image and medium popup sizes. The recommended dimensions may vary for different size settings.

While these dimensions are recommended, Attrac will accept images of any size and ensure they are displayed in the best way possible.

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