How to insert the bar in a custom location

If you need to insert your bar in a location other than the standard top or bottom positions, you can choose to do so from your bar's settings.

Follow these steps to insert your bar at a custom position:

1- In your bar settings, head to "Basic Settings" section. Under "Bar Position", choose "Custom"

2- A small dialog will appear that prompts you to copy the tag. Click the "Copy" button next to the dialog.

3- Head to "Themes" in your Shopify admin dashboard, and click "Edit code" to reveal the code of your theme.

 4- Using your theme code editor, paste the code you copied earlier to the location where you want your bar to appear within your theme.

Note: You may want to contact your theme developers to guide you on how to find your desired location within your theme's code.

Caution: To avoid code conflict, please make sure to refresh your theme code editor before you start editing the code.

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